Sanyo HEC-904
Power Recliner
Luxury Black Synthetic Leather upholstery.
Ref: S904

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Sanyo HEC-904 massage chair
Sanyo HEC-904 massage chair controller
The HEC-904 offers style,
durability and easy programming.
Let the illuminated remote control guide you through the operating sequence to select the type of manual or automatic massage you require
There are three
automatic massage settings available - shoulders, upper back and lower back.
Each course has 20 different phases to booth away a variety of aches and pains
Sanyo HEC-DR21 massage chair  colours
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Sanyo HEC-DR21
Auto Sensing Lounger
Luxury Black Synthetic Leather upholstery.
Ref. SDR21

Sanyo HEC-DR21 massage chair
Sanyo HEC-DR21 massage chair controller
If you like the style of this revolutionary chair you won't get a better massage elsewhere.
Apart from all the top of the range features and quality you should expect this chair actually senses your body shape, size and stiffness.

Simply place your fingers on the sensors on the special controller for three minutes while the chair probes ten points in your body

and senses your sweat, pulse and skin reactions. Then simply allow the chair to give you the best recovery massage ever

Don't believe it? - It's no lie - it works like a lie detector!
The Sanyo HEC-DR3000 massage chair is the latest massage chair to come to the UK from Sanyo. Features include, body Pressure Sensors with extended Massage tracks to cover every inch of your back. In addition to the thigh and buttock massage there is also a new foot, sole, and calf massage all employing airbags.
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Sanyo HEC-DR3000 massage chair

Sanyo HEC-DR3000
Power Recliner
Luxury Synthetic Leather upholstery.
Ref: S3000

Sanyo HEC-DR3000 massage chair controller
Combined with this is Sanyo's reputation for building the best and most trusted massage chair on the market today
Sanyo HEC-DR3000 massage chair  colours